Enlightend Conversations: With Michelle Lightworker

We believe that we can influence global change one conversation at a time.

Thanks so much for your interest in our new TV Show Enlightened Conversations! Our whole vision is "we" instead of "me". We interested in collaborators and leaders in unity oriented thinking. If you feel you resonate with this, then that is a great start!

These unscripted and uncut conversations are creating a space to invite Spirit into the mix to enlighten our view. This is intuitive broadcasting at its best. We allow the organic nature of our conversation to flow.

Whether we are talking about what makes our heart sing right now, what is happening in the world or something we have just been through, it is all great fodder for enlightenment!

The aim of the show is to role model an enlightened conversation to inspire and focus on the gifts of any situation. We are also offering both pre-recorded and live streamed shows to deepen our viewer's enlightenment and provide the interaction with our audience.

Founder: Michelle Lightworker

Michelle Lightworker is an Enlightenment Activist through her TV show "Enlightened Conversations", Lightworker Advocate magazine, podcasts, courses, 10 books, and humanitarian films. Michelle worked as a Clinical Holistic Counsellor in private practice specialising in multi-addictions recovery, from 2001-2007 prior to expanding into Enlightenment Education and Activism.

She is avidly and passionately working globally with the leaders of new higher vibrational consciousness through her involvement in Films, TV Appearances, Speaking engagements and Enlightened Conversations TV as well as her magazine the Lightworker Advocate.

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