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Founder: Stephen Williams: Visionary Author: Producer/Director @ Skypix Worldwide & Author at Blueskysworldwide Self Contained Television / DVD Production Company

Developing and Producing Unique Documentary's, programs, and Videos, showcaseing the work of Inspirational, Educational, Individuals, Professionals and groups who inspire. Those who work within many varied spiritual fields, offering abilities I have found myself developing. Psychic, Mediums, Healers in all faiths, or simply offering what are but human abilities to those in need or who wish to understand the process of Life, Living and Death, and Yes What Comes Next? The facination of which is the driving force to the Programs I will and have been inspired to produce. From my travelling, meetting many different people, and Conversations with so many gifted, enlightened, and purely selfless individuals who give peace of mind to so many using their Spiritual Gifts, I find I am now able to put on Film the knowlege, stories and interviews yet to come to share in a similar way. This has also resulted in my 1st book, and the Theory of the Subatomic Soul.

Subatomic Soul Theory The natural recycling of energy, which can not be destroyed, everything goes on it just changes it physical state, ice/water/steam

The Subatomic Soul Cell Theory gives the answers to many of the mysteries of what happens to us when we are born and when we die! When we get our soul and the processes that we go through until our death and why! I hope you will find it an interesting read and thought provoking as to your own reason for being here! Thank you for your interest please let me know what are your thoughts on my book and theory, good or bad I am happy to hear from you ? My book is available from Kindle and Amazon Books!

My first book which is an autobiography has perhaps the misleading title of: "The Logic of Heaven" I think I should have titled it : "The Logic of Life" but heyho I hope you enjoy it, it took me over twenty five years to write and it is an honest account or the story of my life and the night I was taken on an astro journey and shown the processes of the cycle of life and death in such away that explained to me that we are truly part of a recycling universe which needs us to create the spiritual life force that is the energy that makes it all work! It's all based on our memories which are down loaded at the point of death to our Soul and that is why our lives flash before our eyes when we die. Which is the theory that was gifted to me in that Astro journey in 1988 two weeks after my father died !


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