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Global Circle Connections Event, Productions & Promotions. Specializing Connecting Services, People, Groups, Busineses & Events.

Offering a holistic approach and interaction with our Partners and Clients alike. Focusing on the Spiritual Link within each, striving to educate, inform and spread unity, working together to best promote and develop quality services for all - Filling the void. We will Show the World your uniquness within a partnership and family. Simply Put Global Circle Connections - Joining many in one aim to share with all. Putting our best foot forward so you can walk with surety and confidence, knowing your path has been firmly laid out, you simply have to chose to take those steps. The Evidence will show by the reception received and growth of your business.

Wide range of services Covering all methods of Communication and interacation through the widest publication of your services and events we will offer the globe - Education through information. Development through sharing. Interaction through Listening. Resources through reading. As we include our Partners in all aspects of our Services and thiers within ours.

Julie Simpson "Spirit' Medium"
I'm a Spirit Medium, Development Teacher and Counsellor: My Faith is Spiritualism. It is a Way Of Life!. It is my work. Spiritualism is NOT for - or - an entertainment! I am a Medium and Proud of it , I am not for - or - an entertainment! Working with Guides and Spirit I offer : Mediumship: Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Claircognisence. Personal & Spiritual Counselling, to enhance and enable understanding, knowledge and choices in your life.

I Connect to Guides and Your Loved Ones, provide evidence that Life is Eternal, that we live on in Spirit and its merely the physical life we shed! The Evidence is in the Messages Only YOU can confirm and accept, Let the Evidence do the talking. That Comes from Spirit I am but the messenger.

"Taught by Spirit guides from young age. Living with Spirit as part of my family and life is as natural to me as breathing. I have watched my daughter grow up in Spirit and learned from Family as my guides and wish to share their knowledge and gifts with all."

I am also a Psychic Tutor: I can help you learn and understand your Own abilities, and working with Your Sixth Sense of Intuition and Natural Psychic Knowledge. To then further develop Mediumship Please Ask me for your Chance to Develop.. I do not do predictions nor use tarot card or tools for focus as many others do , I connect directly with Spirit and Loved ones who've passed over, to connect and answer your questions.

The Computer Guy"

Southland Wide New Zealand

The Computer Guy In Your Home or In Office. Clean Ups, Build Up, Fix Up MobIle Call Out, at your Work Place, Home or in the Park! Just give us a call

If its Computers, clean up or Fix, Build or Repairs contact us for Mobile Service to and from your door. Home or Business, Office or Den Join Give us a Call. Throughout the Southland Region we will travel and Fix On the Spot, if al all possible! Aiming to keep your Online Expereince live and Constant.

Should we have to take your Comp to our Office, we will aim to have it back to you Cleaned and Working within 72 Hours! No extra Charge for the service! Just simple easy on the spot Service with a Smile and without breaking the bank!


Featured Partners

SOCRadio Brings you quality, diverse Spiritual Shows - Daily - With Hosts from around the globe!

Part of the Spiritualists Online Network & Lyceum: SOC Radio is a 24/7 Online Radio Station. Offering Shows from Staff , Guests and More: Covering all Aspects of Spirit.SOC Radio, brought to you by The Spiritualists Online Network. Providing Online Radio Shows in all aspects of Spirituality, Development, Knowledge, Education, and Sharing See Our Schedule of ALL Shows at With Shows from Around the World, Linking with Various Networks in Cooperation and Association.

Enlightened Conversations, brought to You by Lightworker Reflections.

Enligtening the Planet, One Conversation at at time! The Team bring you a exciting, interesting, informative Conversations with Guests from around the Globe. Offering thier views , ideas, thougths and tools to enhance and educate in topics coving all asepcts of Spirituality, Natural Health, Well Being and more. Mediums, Psychics, Authors, Teachers, Artists, you name a profession, gift or ability that shares with others, then this is the place for you.

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