The Global Rising Project "Stand Up, Speak Out, Be Seen"

We are celebrating our Pre-Launch 36 Featured Summit Guest Speakers. Showcasing in "Emerging Leaders" Tops in their field in service for their messages for humanity.

"Game Changers-Truth Bearers" Its transparency and authenticity that the world wants, often ones who are uniquely gifted were called "Misfits" The rising is about how the misfits shall inherit the earth. We have been awaiting this moment. Janine & Heather, they are both funny and smart all at the same time. What they share is so informative it's life changing.

Each speaker brings their truth, their gifts, their uniqueness, their courage, their knowing of life to this platform. We are here, we are ready…. and we are many! Every day now more of us are awakening to the truth of who we are and what this life experience is all about. We stand on the leading edge of thought and knowing We are the "Change Makers" The "Bringers of Truth".)

Hi, I'm Janine Savient, "The Heart Lady" I was born with the knowing that there is more to ourselves and life than most are aware of. My knowing is that life is not only on this physical level, but on the emotional level, the energetic level and the spiritual level and these levels are accessed through our HEART. I am passionate about teaching and supporting others to know and understand this for themselves.

When life is felt through this powerful place within, the beauty of life is felt deeply and miracles and magic are witnessed daily. To support another opening to the idea that they are so much more than what they may know themselves to be is always an honour and a gift in humility for me.

Heather Stahnke (Drake) is a driving force bringing a new awareness to the world.
"This is big. Really big. Life altering in fact." Heather connects the dots like people have never seen them connected before. Heather has helped thousands with her own unique insights, some of which have been informed by her profound near-death experiences.

Devoted in seeing people free from suffering. A recognized thought leader, she helps people unlock their true potential and create profound breakthroughs personally and professionally and with her unique ability, is able to shift illness and pain within seconds. Maybe it would be a really good idea not to project earthly limitations, when you are in the company of her.


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