The Greatest You Summit

Greatest You Summit is a global tele-summit. Free live-altering interviews with a variety wonderful surprises.

  • Do You know You chose to be here on this planet at this time? YOU volunteered to contribute to this monumental awakening of the Collective Consciousness.
  • Do You know when YOU become awakened, YOU help others whose hearts and minds are open to self-realization?
  • Do You know that YOUR contribution is invaluable to bringing more light into and to the world?
  • Do You know You are a Light Worker and You are here to raise the vibrational frequency of the planet?
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    CONSIDER THIS. The information already lies in your DNA and CELLS. Allow those who have the Resources to Help You Remember and Become Awakened. Would you like to experience Power, Bliss and Wisdom like Never Before? If YES, then, these Inter-Active Interviews are for YOU! Remember, be kind to others by your thoughts, words and deeds

    Christine Williams born and grew up in a beautiful and unique twin island of Trinidad & Tobago, down in the Caribbean. Venezuela being its closest neighbor. You can read more about her country here. Christine worked both with government and private sectors as a financial accountant and is certified in multiple disciplines. Christine is a Life-coach, Healer and Mediator (not registered).
    In Numerology Christine's Life Path is of the vibration One. This means she has a busy life to live. She believes her mission is to lead and inspire others to living their "greatest" life. Christine's Achievement Number is 9. Nine is the number that holds the attributes of all single-digits, or Fadic numbers, and what this means is that she will attract and internalize the emotions of others easily. This can lead to a very strong sense of empathy with and understanding for others, which can make her a compassionate healer and teacher, irrespective of what she does in life.

    Christine has been successfully facing every life-challenge single-handily since 1991 and this reinforces in her mind, YOU are capable of living the life that was meant for you. It is very painful for her to see crime escalate in her country. It is terrible! But, she hopes that soon the incredible and prodigious strength of character of the majority mindset of the country, will supersede all negative energy that crime impacts. What is the most important life lesson for Christine? The multi-ethnic community of her country has taught her that we are all ONE regardless of physical appearances, religion, culture, class or choices people make. What is Christine's pet peeve? A response to a decline that is anything less than gracious.


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