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"Globally Inspiring Visions Empowering Spirit"
The Network bringing together Visionarys in all areas of Spirituality, Education, Personal Guidance and Development. Combining and Encouraging Spiritually Educational, Informative Conversations, Radio /Tv Shows, Projects, Events, & Summits Online & at Home.
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Globally Inspiring Visions Empowering Spirit.

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Brought together by Global Circle Connections Ltd: Events Promotions and Productions NZ

Founded and Sponsored by Spiritualists Online Network & Lyceum. Teaching Online Since 2002: TEACHING SPIRITUAL AWARENESS, DEVELOPMENT, ATTAINMENT. IMPARTING KNOWLEDGE, THOUGHTS, IDEAS TO INSPIRE. One Site. Linking a Whole Network of Spiritually Informative, Educational & Interactive Services. Encompassing Every Faith, Path, Walk, Religion, as One.
SOC Radio: Brings you quality , diverse Spiritual Shows - Daily - With Hosts from around the globe!

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