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Our Philosophy

A spiritual group may study share experiences and focus universal energy towards a common goal. Yet the spiritual journey is always done in solitude, for each person can only proceed from the perspective they alone possess"(Throw in the Tao--Wildhorses)

The Spiritualists Online Network has been operating since 2002 With Teachers, Staff, Members and Patrons world wide. Mediums, Healers, Psychics, Tarot Readers, Psychic Artists, & More all with the aim of sharing the One Commom Gift, we all naturally share - The Love of Spirit, Communication and Beliefe in Eternal Life!

Our Partners offer and will include you in their Summits, Events, Online Shows, Converences and More to allow you to grow along side them. As you are Invited to Share with us - We Share with you the whole way through. Also offering guidance and help in your development.

Teaching Online Since 2002

FREE OPEN SPIRITUAL NETWORK Offering Free Chats Forums Magazine; Blogs; Photos; Groups and more. You can Register and Join in anytime. Guest Rooms for Affiliates. & Special Guest Speakers. Open Facebook for all Regular Email NewsLetters.


Educational Section LYCEUM CLASS ROOM ACCESS Teachers from around the Globe SOC Accredited Cirtificate and Diploma Courses Private Courses from SOC Staff & Special Guest Teachers Get Involved and Share your Abilities The Premium Membership allows Entry to all Lyceum Classes & Courses This is Voluntary to join NOT AN OBLIGATION


Featured Partners

SOCRadio Brings you quality, diverse Spiritual Shows - Daily - With Hosts from around the globe!

Part of the Spiritualists Online Network & Lyceum: SOC Radio is a 24/7 Online Radio Station. Offering Shows from Staff , Guests and More: Covering all Aspects of Spirit.SOC Radio, brought to you by The Spiritualists Online Network. http://spiritualistsonline.com/ Providing Online Radio Shows in all aspects of Spirituality, Development, Knowledge, Education, and Sharing See Our Schedule of ALL Shows at http://spiritualistsonline.com/radsched.php With Shows from Around the World, Linking with Various Networks in Cooperation and Association.

Enlightened Conversations, brought to You by Lightworker Reflections.

Enligtening the Planet, One Conversation at at time! The Team bring you a exciting, interesting, informative Conversations with Guests from around the Globe. Offering thier views , ideas, thougths and tools to enhance and educate in topics coving all asepcts of Spirituality, Natural Health, Well Being and more. Mediums, Psychics, Authors, Teachers, Artists, you name a profession, gift or ability that shares with others, then this is the place for you.

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